While not strictly costumes as such, Elton - The Young Years has a number of very important custom-made instruments, which contribute massively to the show's WOW factor...

Custom grand piano

Our 2-metre long grand piano is specifically designed to endure handstands, jumping, standing, sliding, swearing and other forms of abuse that would make Chopin wince.   


Affectionately known as Roadies-bane, the piano was created by John Sinhalewycz.

'Nigel Olsson' 1974 Drumkit 

This is a masterpiece, created by Mat Duniam of Red Rocks Drums, Australia:

For Elton die-hards, the inner-sleeve photo from the live 'Here And There' LP is iconic.   The centrepiece of that photo is Nigel's drumkit:

Here's Elton - The Young Years' extraordinary replica:

And with great pride, our replica was featured as 'Kit Of The Month' in Modern Drummer magazine internationally!



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